So, the appeal of the sugar bowl was just too sweet to resist, huh? Welcome to the life of a sugar baby; where life is all about sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

Sugaring has picked up tremendously in Malaysia in the past few years, especially due to rising costs in living and student debts. 

So what exactly is it about this cotton candy-like lifestyle that’s so attractive? If you’re new to the sugaring world, you might want to read on.


What Is A Sugar Baby?

A sugar baby is someone (typically a university student or someone aged between their 20s to 30s) who seeks out a mutually beneficial relationship from a sugar daddy (typically a more mature gentleman who is financially successful). The pair will discuss the terms of their relationship, where the sugar baby will typically provide companionship and support while the sugar daddy will financially compensate for their time spent together.  

If you’re thinking about how this is different from prostitution, the primary difference in a sugar relationship is that sex is not definite. Unlike prostitution and escort services where you are paying for an expected sexual encounter, sugaring is done according to the sugar baby’s own terms. 

In fact, there are several sugar relationships where sex is not on the table at all. Are you surprised yet? Sometimes, all sugar daddies want is some companionship from a smart, hot, young thang who wouldn’t mind being on his arm while travelling the world for a bit. We certainly like the sound of that…

Is Being A Sugar Baby In Malaysia Legal?

Source: Cosmopolitan 

According to the Penal Code, what is actually technically illegal is the advertisement of prostitution services, being a pimp, and seeking out prostitutes. However, when it comes to prostitution itself, it is technically legal as it is only restricted by the law. 

A sugar relationship is just something between two consenting adults. If both of you are on board, who’s to yuck your yum? Dig into that sugaring sweetness, we say!

So if you’re worried about breaking any laws by signing up for the lifestyle, worry not, you’re in the clear for now. As there is no current or prior legal standing on sugar relationships to refer to, there are technically no rules being broken.


How Does A Sugar Arrangement Work

The coolest part about being a sugar baby is that every arrangement is different. Everything depends on what you and your daddy agrees on, so it could go from weekly, monthly or even yearly meets. 

Think of all the perks of being in a relationship: now minus the strings and multiply the rewards. We’d be jumping at the chance to get on that train!

In fact, some sugar daddies just want a sugar baby for when they travel, which means you’d have to keep your calendar free for when he hits you up. When he does though, get ready to spend your days holidaying on some resort when he’s not busy spoiling you with expensive meals and shopping trips. 


How Much Does A Sugar Baby Earn in Malaysia

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Let’s talk money, baby! What makes the sugaring lifestyle so appealing is the perks, so let’s get into what exactly that entails. Sugar babies typically get allowances, which range from a monthly allowance or pay-per-meet (more commonly known as PPM). 

PPMs usually start at RM500 for a regular arrangement, but the number can increase depending on the range of activities that happen during your time spent together. As for monthly arrangements, the average monthly allowances start at RM2500 a month— and these don’t include gifts, being wined and dined, entertainment, and holiday trips. 

Some sugar daddies even offer non-financial compensation, such as mentorships, life experiences, as well as lavish, exclusive social networking events. If you ever wanted to work your way up the elite ladder, this is definitely a place that you’d want to start. 


Sugar Advice for New Sugar Babies

Has everything you’ve read checked your list? If you’re interested in trying your hand at the sugaring life, you might want to heed these tips beforehand. In fact, check out our article where we got into what it takes to be a sugar baby. 


Stay Open-Minded

As a sugar baby, it’s important to always keep an open mind and hear your potential daddies out, as many of them will have interests and hobbies that you might not be familiar with. Don’t be too quick to judge or shame them if you find your interests not aligning. 


Do Your Research

Familiarise yourself with sugar baby speak before fishing for a daddy. No one likes looking like a lost school girl when you’re playing with the big fishes. After all, you don’t want to be wasting anyone’s time— yours included! Know what you want before you get into the game.


Be Outgoing 

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Why hide that beautiful personality by playing it shy on your dates? Your daddy wants to get to know you, which is why you should chat it up when you’re meeting them for the first time. A common mistake new sugar babies make is by playing hard to get or by being overtly shy on the first date, when you should be turning up the heat. Speaking of, we’ve got a couple of first date tips over here for you to check out. 


Stay Safe

As fun as this sweet sanctuary can be, you might want to make sure you floss to avoid any toothaches. Your identity and address are two things that you should never reveal to anyone unless you have established a certain level of trust. Even then, you might want to stick to the rules we have on Sugarbook in order to maintain a safe relationship with your potential daddy. 


How To Start Being A Sugar Baby in Malaysia

Well, lucky for you— you’re in the right place. A step in the right direction would be to head on down to Sugarbook to sign up for a profile. BTW, did we mention that Sugarbook is a Malaysian-found app? #SupportLokal and give it a download today!

A prime place to check out the sugar bowl, Sugarbook’s layout is built in such a way that the safety and discretion of both parties are kept while looking for a potential sugar partner. So hurry and get swiping: you don’t want to miss out… 

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