ItsElle is a 28-year-old working professional currently employed with a US and Korea-based company as a part of the management team. Being a young staff member, she only makes RM5,000 – enough to cover her monthly commitment. However, she also asserted that, as a woman, having the extra money would be a huge plus.


Found Sugarbook When She Was A Student

She downloaded the Sugarbook app back in late 2018. She was a student who struggled to make ends meet. She came across Sugarbook through a Google search – this was when the dating app was unavailable in the app store. 

She initially joined Sugarbook in search of financial assistance. Prior to joining Sugarbook, she dated a rich boyfriend, which eventually set a high benchmark for her preference in a relationship. Unfortunately, it also made the other suitors seem like ‘disappointments.’

She tried going out with different men from other dating apps but felt disappointed with their treatments. This prompted her to consider finding a Sugar Daddy instead of a boyfriend, thus, starting her relationship journey as a Sugar Baby.

First Impression of Sugar Dating

It was initially hard for her to start a sugar relationship, as she dislikes making the first move. 

Having low self-esteem and insecurity, she always feels like she’s not pretty enough and often overthinks what people think about her. She still has the same feeling now but is more willing to start a relationship because she sees it as worth it. 

“Once you find someone that clicks, it will go smoothly.”


The Sweet Financial Benefits Of Being A Sugar Baby
As a student, ItsElle had a Sugar Daddy who lived in another state, whom she met only a few times. Nevertheless, this Sugar Daddy was willing to provide her with
monthly allowances of up to RM3,000 per month, which is enough to support her in addition to her scholarship. The relationship continued through her years in university until she landed her first job. 

She also chose not to date a Sugar Daddy and a boyfriend at the same time due to health reasons. 

She acknowledges that most Sugar Daddies wouldn’t mind Sugar Babies having boyfriends, but in her case, the Sugar Daddies she dated do mind – and she thinks it’s better this way.

“I cannot handle the pressure to entertain 2 men at a time. And to keep things a secret, hiding this and that, is a bit hard for me to handle.”

Covering Her Wants, Not Her Needs

Her Sugar Daddy has helped cover her wants, not her needs. In a month, she usually spends on cosmetics, aesthetic clinics, massages, waxing, spa, gym, etc. She also loves shopping sprees, spoiling herself with branded items, clothing, supplements, and daily-use items.

“I spent a lot on food and saved up quite a bit as well. I feel happier now that I can give more to my parents and treat them to nice things.”

Her arrangement includes monthly allowances and gifts. Her Sugar Daddy usually spends his time with her on work trips, shopping, lunches, and dinners, although she will follow his timing as she understands that he has other social obligations.  

Her Sugar Daddy has even helped her acquire a new house, but she feels uncomfortable depending on him for monthly commitments. So instead, she would rather have him cover the house deposits, furniture, and home needs.

“Because I’m scared to commit to such a thing; let’s say if he vanished, how am I going to pay and all?”

Nowadays, ItsElle is preoccupied with her work and rarely goes online. She is settling into her new home, and her Sugar Daddy gifted her a dream pet – a British Shorthair – in addition to a monthly allowance and extra financial assistance.

“Nothing so fancy, but he does help financially. And most of the time, he will spend his free time at our house.”

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