Hey there, sugar nation! With the COVID-19 pandemic eating up our youth away, the time to secure a sugar daddy has never been especially dire. In fact, we can practically feel our gray hairs growing out despite just turning 18 not too long ago šŸ™ Hmm, must be the stressā€¦ or perhaps weā€™re lacking Vitamin D, if you catch our drift.Ā 

When one thinks of sugaring in the modern world, we are presented with two options: one of them being the infamous Seeking Arrangement. While Seeking Arrangement may be the most popular sugaring app, weā€™re here to see if empty vessels make the most noise.Ā 

Hereā€™s our overall review of Seeking Arrangements and if itā€™s worth a purchase in Singapore in 2021.Ā 

What Is Seeking Arrangement?Ā 

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If youā€™re relatively new to the sugar bowl, you might be unfamiliar with this name. Seeking Arrangement is a sugaring website, arguably one of the most popular sites when it comes to mutually beneficial relationships. However, like most sugaring websites, Seeking Arrangement requires a paid subscription if sugar daddy users would like to peruse some sweet treats from the candy store.Ā 

Money is no jokeā€” especially in Singaporeā€” so we decided to take a peep ourselves to review it and see if all the hype was worth the moolah. After all, itā€™s 2021: could there possibly be a newer sugaring website that could overthrow their current position? Letā€™s find out!


Pros of Seeking Arrangement

  • Large Variety of UsersĀ 

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Weā€™d be lying through our teeth in this review if we say there were no positive points of this website. One perk that Seeking Arrangement has is that there are plenty of user profiles available. Sugar daddies and babies of every candy assortment available; vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, caramel, and so much more.Ā 

Another interesting thing we realised during our review is that the range presented in the type of arrangements being offered were wildly different as well. You have your regular pay per meet (PPM) and typical sugaring relationships, but we discovered that there were also sugar daddies who were up for more alternative arrangements.Ā 

There were even some who just wanted an emotional companion, where they offered up to 85 dollars per hour just for them to cry on your shoulder!Ā 


  • Quality of Sugar Babies

One thing that Seeking Arrangement prides itself on is indeed how attractive their sugar babies are. Youā€™ll lose more than just teeth in this candy store! Quality ladies with decorated backgrounds, ranging from engineering to advertising to Ivy League ranked universitiesā€” these babes are up for some seriously stimulating conversation.Ā 


Cons of Seeking ArrangementĀ 

  • Ghost ProfilesĀ 

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While Seeking Arrangement does indeed have a large user database, it does not necessarily mean that it matches the amount of active users. Plenty of the people that were messaged did not respond, and when we crossed checked, turns out that most of these profiles were existing ones from different dating websites! Might want to read that terms and conditions carefully againā€¦


  • Rampant Scammers and Salt Daddies

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During our review, we realised that a lot of the Seeking Arrangement profiles in Singapore especially belonged to scammers. Most of these so called daddies insisted on meeting in extremely cheap places, scummy motels, or even the back of their Myvi! The audacity of these menā€¦

Sugar babies would know that potential sugar daddies would never stoop that low, as they are most likely a salt daddy who is looking to scam a naive newbie. Always be careful when youā€™re dealing with potential clients, sugar nation!Ā 


  • Fraudulent Credit Card ScamsĀ 

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The biggest issue we encountered during our review was how unsafe the Seeking Arrangement website was. As it requires billing info, the website does take credit card information. However, we found out that many users were unhappy with the systemā€™s hidden charges and fees, which were all non-refundable despite not being informed beforehand. Yikes!


  • Not AccessibleĀ 

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Our personal biggest issue with Seeking Arrangements is that there was no app available on iOS and the App Store. This limits a large number of users, us included!, who are avid Apple users. Not everyone wants to whip out their laptops when it comes to finding matchesā€¦


So the question is: why bother with Seeking Arrangements when the cons outweigh the pros? Despite its popularity, it would seem that it does not live up to the hypeā€” at least not by our standards. How about trying a different website that actually walks the talk for once? You might be familiar with itā€” considering itā€™s the one that youā€™re reading this article on šŸ˜‰Ā 

Why not check out Sugarbook instead? An alternative to Seeking Arrangements, Sugarbook is a better option for sugar babies in Asia who are looking to score some slices of local daddy cake. We also have an impressive member response rate, which makes for stronger and better matches!Ā 

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