Thinking about joining the sugar bowl in Malaysia?

Been wondering how sugar dating works and if being a sugar daddy suits you?

Heard strange things about it and you’re not sure which are facts and which are not?

Not sure how to even start?

I’m sure you’ve got a million and one questions in your mind. 

Although sugar dating has gained popularity over the years, it’s not something that would be publicly discussed. However, there is nothing weird about the sugar bowl and we are here to clear your mind of any doubts and concerns.

Here is everything you need to know about being a sugar daddy in Malaysia:

What is a sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy is a term used to describe successful older men who spoil beautiful young women with gifts, money, travel and more in exchange for companionship.

A sugar daddy is usually an experienced and confident man, generally older, who has a busy life and doesn’t have time or inkling for conventional relationships. 

Instead, a sugar daddy seeks for a wonderful companion with whom they can share the best of life — in a transparent and lavish way.

Surprisingly (or not that surprisingly), there are more and more younger men who are joining the ranks of sugar daddies.

But if you think they’re doing it because it’s easier to get laid, you’re totally off the mark. 

A lot of younger men are joining the sugar bowl for the same reasons as their older counterparts — because traditional dating can be time-consuming.

And sugar dating cuts straight to the point — which is beneficial to those who know what they are looking for.

Is it safe to be a sugar daddy in Malaysia?

In short, yes.

“There is no law against couple matching services in Malaysia unless it is for prostitution or other illegal purposes,” says Foong Cheng Leong, deputy chairperson of The Malaysian Bar’s Information Technology & Cyber Law Committee.

It is important to note that sugar dating isn’t the same as prostitution — in fact, there is no explicit requirement for sex in a sugar relationship.

The whole basis of a sugar relationship is mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefits. The point is that everyone involved in the relationship gets what they want out of it.

Just like any relationship, it is about consent and agreeing to what they are getting into. After all, the people involved are adults who know what they are doing.

There is no foul play because both parties have laid out their expectations. As long as you understand all these aspects, being a sugar daddy in Malaysia is as safe as regular dating.

How does a sugar arrangement work?

Once you’ve matched and met with a sugar baby and the both of you decide to proceed with a sugar relationship, the next thing you should talk about is the arrangement, boundaries and general rules.

A sugar arrangement is something like a contract that you agree on with your sugar partner. The sugar arrangement will contain all the details that ensure a smooth sugar relationship.

Honesty and transparency is key. Discuss about everything — the amount of times you meet, the amount of allowance, duration of the arrangement, payment methods, etc. and make sure the both of you agree on them.

The more things you are clear about regarding the sugar relationship, the higher the chances are that everything will go as you expect. 

Now that you got that down, the next step to being a sugar daddy is to find a sugar baby. You can do that by looking for niche dating sites like Sugarbook where people who are on it know how sugar dating works. 

What does a sugar daddy provide?

What a sugar daddy provides can be divided into two categories: tangible things such as allowance, gift, trips, etc. and non-tangible things like mentorship, emotional support, etc.

A sugar daddy provides allowance in return for the sugar baby’s companionship. The amount of allowance can depend on several factors — the sugar baby’ experience, her popularity, her location, the number of meetups, etc.

There are several types of allowances, for example, pay-per-meet (PPM) which as the name implies allowance is given every time a sugar daddy meets with the sugar baby.

There is also a monthly allowance where sugar babies are given an allowance on a monthly basis. In Malaysia, this could go up to RM2,500 a month.

Other than the allowance, a sugar daddy typically pays for the date which would include going out and dining. A sugar daddy would also shower his sugar baby with treats, trips and gifts but of course, this is up to the sugar daddy and sugar baby.

But it’s not just about money. A sugar daddy can also provide non-tangible resources such as mentorship, networking, social connections and advice regarding career progression or just in general about life because they are more experienced.

Because as the Chinese saying goes, “they’ve eaten more salt than you have rice.” 

A sugar daddy should also be providing a sense of security to their sugar baby as someone who is not just a financial support but also in terms of emotional and mental support.

What does a sugar daddy get in return?

In return, a sugar daddy gets companionship, a listening ear and someone to spend meaningful time with from a sugar baby.

At the end of the day, no man is an island. We are people who need other people and a sugar arrangement helps a sugar daddy find like-minded people who would benefit from this relationship.

Although sugar dating isn’t like normal dating, you can view sugar dating as a more transparent and straightforward way of meeting people and gaining companionship — something that we all need anyway.

What are the qualities of a sugar daddy?

Financial capability

The first thing you should be aware of before becoming a sugar daddy is whether you are able to afford it or you’ll become what we call salt daddies.

Positive outlook: You’ll be able to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and offer something of value to the table if you have a happy attitude.

Patience and understanding: Keep in mind that a sugar relationship doesn’t really develop organically the way normal relationships do. So, some form of patience and understanding is needed when you are trying to form a connection with your sugar baby.

Maturity: As the older partner in the relationship, you are naturally expected to be the more mature partner in the relationship. You should know how to lead the relationship and be the one who the boundaries of a sugar relationship.

Realistic expectations: Having realistic expectations will ensure that you get the most out of the experience without placing yourself at a disadvantage. You must keep your level-headedness and judgement throughout the relationship, and always act in your best interests.

Where do you find your sugar baby?

In general, there are two ways to look for sugar babies. The first one is known as freestyling.

Freestyling simply means doing it the old-school way — someone who wants to be a sugar baby would be found hanging around places like high-end restaurants, hotel bars or the gym.

So all a sugar daddy has to do is to go to those places where a sugar baby might be spending her time looking for someone like you.

But this method is not foolproof — a sugar baby isn’t exactly wearing a tag that says that, so finding one might take some time. This method is not recommended.

Time is money for sugar daddies, right?

The second and most effective way to find a sugar baby is by looking at online dating apps specifically tailored for sugar dating like Sugarbook

The great thing about Sugarbook is that everyone who is on it are on the same page. Looking for a sugar baby on it would be so much easier.

Sign up now and give it a shot — you might just find what you’re looking for. 🍬

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