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Babyfoxx is a small-town girl raised in a simple family; her mother was a housewife, while her father owned a small business, and she has one sister. She didn’t grow with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she was content with what she had.

Like any other girl in the world, she wanted to get stable work, travel, find the love of her life, and settle down. With a college degree in hospitality, she worked in a 5-star hotel as floor staff.

She started seeing a man who was a doctor. He seemed like a person with a bright future, so she dated him for 3 years until he popped the big question – which she accepted. 

She thought everything was going well until one night, he was intoxicated and told her that he had second thoughts. After she confronted him, he later confessed that he was having an affair, which left her devastated.

She fell into depression; locked herself in her room, and cried the whole week. She even lost her appetite to a point that she lost weight from 45 kg to 36 kg. Things had gone from bad to worse; two years after her breakup, she received news that her father had fallen down & taken to the hospital.

“My dad was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition.”

The doctor told her that her father had a complicated heart condition where a blood clot would form in his heart, causing a stroke. A pacemaker was needed to stabilize her father’s condition. 

Unfortunately, it would cost RM150,000 (total), and her father wasn’t insured.

She felt helpless in the situation. Her parents were in their 70s, her sister was a housewife with no income, no wealthy relative to call, and no bank loan to afford. That was when she decided to quit her day job to take care of her father, who had no one to give him his daily treatment. 

She took on a backbreaking part-time job as a shopping mall sales promoter, where she worked 10 am to 10 pm, only to earn a meager RM3,000 a month.

“I was having trouble to make ends meet, let alone my dad.  I couldn’t land a steady job because no one would look after him.”

She Started Livestreaming on Sugarbook

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She had never heard of ‘Sugar Babying’ until her friend shared a Tiktok video. It shows how young men and women (Sugar Babies) enter a relationship with older & wealthier individuals (Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommies) while receiving monetary support through gifts, and financial support or career opportunities in return.

From her Google search, she found and joined Sugarbook, which she sees as a high-class dating site. She began to learn about the app’s Livestreaming and Private Call features which seemed like a safer option rather than meeting the sugar daddies physically.

She set up her account under the name Babyfoxx, inspired by foxes, and that she was technically a sugar ‘baby’.

She went live for the first time in front of Sugar Daddies as a Livestreamer and was surprised that they were nice. The comments were all respectful and positive. She gained more confidence as she got more used to chatting with them.

“With my entire compensation ranging from RM9,500 to RM13,000 a month, I’ve now saved up to RM48,000.”

Her life turned 180° from an RM3,000 job to earn more than 4 times that amount. She finally feels hope for her father’s future and herself.

She was once asked out by a sugar daddy who offered RM10k just to go on a date. However, she declined as she only prefers a virtual approach.

Her father’s medical bill is currently cumulated to around RM150k. While she is still saving up, she strives to reach her goal of paying for everything.

“I chose to wear the mask for two reasons; first is to create the persona and second is to keep my identity discreet from my family and friends.”

sugarbook baby fox

Lessons from being a Sugar Baby

Babyfoxx loves being a streamer on Sugarbook, now that she has flexible working hours, enjoys talking to people, and is able to support her father’s medical fees.

She asserted that with live streaming, a streamer could do yoga, hold karaoke sessions, or do whatever the streamer is comfortable with. For Babyfoxx personally, she will turn on her stream while at the gym, where the sugar daddies would give her motivation and advice.

“What you want to do is really up to you. Some like to chat, while others like to watch me do my thing. If daddies warm up to you, they’ll tip you with gold coins while you know more of their life.”

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She was insecure before taking this opportunity. After her breakup and change of jobs to take care of her father, she became isolated, distancing herself from her friends and focusing more on caretaking her father.

Sugarbook helps her to be more confident in herself. Even though she has not met any sugar daddies in person, she has built close connections with those who support her.

Babyfoxx also learned that being rich is not everything; not everyone live an easy life because they are wealthy

What started out as a way to save her father, sugar babying has helped her feel less isolated and alone.

“I’m no longer alone! I’m a part of a community that provides me companionship without fulfilling any sexual favors. If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.”

It is inspiring to see that for some, finding the right app such as Sugarbook, can help turn your life around for the better. 

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