Kelly, 19, is a university student who graced herself with luxurious goods. We followed up with Kelly, one of the most successful college Sugar Babies in Hong Kong and got behind the scenes on her life as a Sugar Baby, her earnings and her relationship with her Sugar Daddy.

“I came across my Sugar Daddy on the Sugarbook website.”

While partying with her friends, Kelly overheard about the Sugar Daddy dating platform in their conversations. Out of curiosity, she signed up for this website, which she found was free and user-friendly.

She showed us the dating app on her phone and scrolled through a number of Sugar Daddy profiles.

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She continues by sharing her profile and some of the photos that she uploaded.

I Was Offered USD250 to Have Dinner On My First Day Using Sugarbook App

“On the first day, I received more than 20 messages from Sugar Daddies. One was willing to offer me $2,000 just for conversation and dinner!”

She now lives as a Sugar Baby, spending her time between studying at university and splurging on branded items.

Her life is further pampered by the massive allowance she gets from Sugar Daddies, which is around HKD $30,000 (USD $4,000) every month. This is, of course, on top of her college fees, which are fully supported by her Sugar Daddy.

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She would normally dress up when going out with her Sugar Daddy, and talk about their day during a nice dinner. That’s one of her ways of getting to know more about her Sugar Daddy, aside from keeping him company and providing emotional support.

Spending most of her student life in Hong Kong, she shares her desire to travel overseas. She mentioned that she got her wish by being a Sugar Baby. Thus far, she has traveled to several exotic places: “Me and my Sugar Daddy have visited lovely places like Europe that includes France, Italy, and gone to the Maldives as well..”

“A sugar baby does not require you to engage in sexual activity.”

sugar baby hong kong

Kelly opens up about the matter of intimacy when speaking of her arrangements with her Sugar Daddy. Whether or not she would have a sexual relationship with her Sugar Daddy depends on a mutual agreement – she would consider if both parties agreed. She also asserts that she will not have sex if she does not consent to it.

In her opinion, being in a sugar relationship is just like any other relationship. 

“Being a sugar baby is distinct from being a prostitute” 

When asked about what makes a prostitute different than a Sugar Baby, she replied: 

“A sugar baby has the choice to pick who she wants to date, unlike a prostitute who’s paid for intimacy. You aren’t required to have sex in order to be a sugar baby.

Having experienced the sugar bowl, she advises people to be honest and straightforward about their needs and expectations before diving into a relationship!

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