Like all good and sweet things in life, they don’t happen without some kind of difficulty and bitterness. 

The sugar dating life might look glamorous and fun but it doesn’t happen with a snap of a finger. 

A lot of sugar babies make mistakes when they first start out because the sugar bowl can feel like a different world than the one they’re used to.

They might sell themselves short or they have to go through a few bad apples before finding a really sweet one.

Now, we don’t want that to happen to you. We want you ready and prepared to find that sugar when you step into the sugar dating world.

So, keep on reading, sugar babies!

7 Common Mistakes Sugar Babies Make and How to Avoid Them

1) Not maintaining your privacy

Don’t give your bank account number away.

Don’t meet your POT at his house on a first date.

Don’t reveal too much information about yourself.

You get my gist, right? While Sugarbook does its best to weed out the bad apples, some might still fall through. So, it’s your duty to be vigilant and careful with the information you reveal about yourself. 

Don’t worry that your POT will misunderstand your intentions. After all, they should know all about being discreet and the need to keep yourself safe out there. 

Solution: Take the time to get to know your sugar daddy and build a strong foundation of trust. And if something smells fishy, trust your instinct and get out of there.


2) Setting too low of a standard for yourself

Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet. That’s okay, you are free to explore and experiment. 

Just don’t forget that you are entitled to ask for what you want. The sugar dating world is not the place and time to be modest.

Remember — in the sugar world, if you don’t define what you want, you most likely won’t get it.

Solution: Don’t be afraid to set a standard for what you’re going to accept. Not only that, it will be easier to ward off those salt daddies who are just going to waste your time.


3) Doing the same things with your sugar daddy as you would with a normal boyfriend

Hey, your sugar daddy is a man of means. Sure, it’s romantic to have a sunset picnic by the beach with your boyfriend but why would you do that if you could be relaxing on a yacht instead?

We’re not dissing the boyfriends but if you get to experience five star hotels and Michelin star restaurants, why settle for less?

Solution: Enjoy the sugar dating life. Very few sugar babies can sugar forever, so take advantage of this extraordinary time to experience extraordinary things.


4) Setting too high expectations

This sounds counterintuitive to point #2 and #3. But hear me out.

Of course, you want to live a better life with the help of your sugar daddy. But do not expect that he can deliver everything you want.

Being too greedy never ends well and your sugar daddy is human too. By overemphasizing one aspect of the sugar relationship, you might be missing out on the other benefits of a sugar relationship.

Solution: Focus on the things that you truly want to achieve such as paying off your tuition fees or getting to travel in your sugar relationship and work towards that.


5) Feeling obligated to have sex

We cannot stress this enough — you don’t have to have sex to be in the bowl. If you are not comfortable or willing to be physically intimate with your sugar daddy, you can absolutely say no.

And your sugar daddy should respect your decision.

You don’t have to feel like you did something wrong or that you owe your sugar daddy something.

Solution: Having said that, this should be discussed earlier on in the conversation so that both parties understand what they’re getting out of the relationship. And maybe discuss what happens if the terms and conditions are not met on certain occasions. 

Having all these out in black and white will help a lot in ensuring a smooth and sweet sugar relationship.


6) Letting your sugar daddy control everything

Now now, just because your sugar daddy gives you an allowance doesn’t mean he has control over your life.

He could make suggestions or give advice but that is where the line should be drawn. 

If control isn’t part of the dynamics in your relationship, you might want to reevaluate the situation if it gets out of hand.

Solution: Again, trust your instincts. Don’t stay in the sugar relationship just because the allowance is good. It’s just not worth it.


7) Not exuding confidence

Exit the sugar bowl immediately if you are going to be hesitant, uncertain, and shy. Even if that’s your personality, you’ll need to make an alter ego when it comes to sugaring.

You will only succeed if you are sure of your worth and know how to get it. 

Solution: Own it, girl! You are an awesome human being, so don’t be selling yourself short. 


It’s okay to make these rookie mistakes, even the most successful sugar babies have made these mistakes before.

So don’t beat yourself up and take this as a learning opportunity instead. 🤗

Now that you have been educated, get on Sugarbook and start looking!