In the world of sugar relationships where wealth and sophistication intertwine, gift-giving is a meaningful act that has an unspoken language of its own. Beyond financial arrangements, extravagant gifts become tokens of affection, establishing connections that transcend the conventional. 

“Luxury gifts in sugar relationships are more than material indulgences – they symbolize the depth of the relationship.” 

We learn more about the art of gift-giving in sugar relationships from an experienced sugar baby, Stacy (21), who’s been a sugar baby with Sugarbook for 3 years. 

Q: Hi Stacy. Thank you for being here to share your own experiences in the sugar bowl. Today, we’ll be talking about the extravagant gifts that are a part of the sugar baby lifestyle. Please be as candid as you like and share as much as you wish! 

Let’s start our interview with this: Do you receive luxury gifts from your sugar daddies? What is the role that gifts play in a sugar relationship?

Stacy: I’m thrilled to be here and hopefully share some wisdom with my fellow sugar babies! Let’s begin! Currently, I have 2 sugar daddies, who I see at least a couple of days every week. I’ve been with both of them for around a year or so. At first, I was just receiving a monetary allowance, but as the relationship progressed, one of the daddies gave me a Tiffany bracelet. With this gesture, I knew that this daddy appreciated me, and it affirmed that he wanted me to stick around. I guess you can say this is when the relationship leveled up in a sense.

You see, for sugar babies, receiving extravagant gifts is not just a symbol of affluence. Receiving a thoughtful and expensive gift from their sugar parent is a form of validation. It shows that they’re enjoying their time with you and want you to be around.

As the relationship went on, I continued receiving gifts in many forms. It showed that my daddy was invested in the relationship and that he wanted to create unforgettable moments for us.

Q: Aww, that’s sweet! Could you talk about some of the luxury gifts sugar babies get? Do they have any “hidden” meaning behind them?




Stacy: The most common type of gifts sugar babies receive are branded goods like designer clothes, bags, shoes, etc. All the sugar babies I know love to dress expensively. Moreover, sugar babies spend a lot of time in high society circles, so they must look the part. Fashion brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton aren’t just names to sugar babies; they’re lavish symbols that provide a sense of exclusivity. The attraction lies not only in the quality of craftsmanship and materials but also in the limited availability and high cost of these items. 

Luxury fashion plays a significant role in shaping the status and image of sugar babies within their exclusive circles. In a world where image is everything, the right luxury ensemble can elevate one’s appearance and perceived value in society.




The second most common type of sugar baby gift is being whisked away to an exotic destination! My sugar daddy is a busy CEO of a big conglomerate. He takes me along on business trips and holidays to spend time with me. He often flies me in first class, but sometimes, I get to tag along on his private jet. It’s amazing because I wouldn’t have gotten to experience this lifestyle otherwise. 

I find this gift to be the most meaningful because it shows that my sugar daddy is willing to put in the effort to spend time with me. It makes me feel special and wanted like he always wants me to be around despite his busy schedule.



In any relationship, fine jewelry and timepieces are a big show of love and a symbol of enduring connection. This is the same for sugar relationships. For instance, receiving the Tiffany bracelet showed me that my sugar daddy wants our relationship to go to the next level. Several months after that, I received a Rolex on my birthday, which symbolized the evolving depth and status of our relationship. 




Sugar daddies are often busy bees, so staying connected digitally is very important. Therefore, it is not uncommon to receive electronics like smartphones, iPads, and laptops from sugar daddies who want to make sure that they can reach you. My sugar daddy also ensures I have all the latest gadgets, from cooking to cleaning, to ease my daily life. 

When you meet a daddy who cares, there’s a willingness to give and do everything possible to sweeten your life. For example, when the pandemic hit and we all started working from home, my daddy helped me set up a complete home office so I could work comfortably. He even bought me a coffee machine, so I don’t need to go out to get my daily coffee! 




Another way that my daddy takes care of me is by paying for all of my beauty and wellness packages. Whenever I’m not feeling well, I can just take a self-care day and indulge myself in a massage or facial to melt the stress away. Sometimes, when my daddy isn’t busy, we go to a spa together to spend some one-on-one time.



Every now and then, your sugar daddy might surprise you with a gift that you’ve never even thought of. I’ve always loved art, and when I moved into my new place recently, my daddy bought me a gorgeous one-of-a-kind art piece worth over SGD50,000! I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

I later found out that my daddy had been searching everywhere for a piece I would like. It was such a thoughtful gesture, and it really showed how much I meant to him; it made me cry! 



Alongside luxury fashion, sugar babies have high-end beauty and cosmetics to help them “look the part.” For instance, sugar babies have flawless skin thanks to expensive luxury products and stunning makeup from lavish brands like Dior and Chanel. Luxury makeup not only enhances features but also serves as an outlet for creative expression. Expensive beauty treatments are also common to help sugar babies look rejuvenated and polished. 




Being a sugar baby means hanging out with social elites. Even when I’m not with my sugar daddy, he gives me access to exclusive clubs, elite gatherings, and even red-carpet events! To me, these events are more than just a social gathering; they are opportunities to meet and learn from successful people in various industries. It helps me experience a different world and learn something that I can benefit from. 

In fact, it is through one of these exclusive gatherings that I’ve met my mentor, who’s given me plenty of guidance and opportunities to advance my career in marketing.  




The first-ever sugar daddy I was with bought me a car after a year of dating, and wow, I was over the moon! It was the first car that I’ve ever owned, so it meant a lot. At the time, it was my birthday, and the sugar daddy wanted to be exclusive, so he got me a car to show how serious he was, and it worked! 

We don’t see each other anymore since he decided to settle down, but I got to keep the car 😉

Q: Thank you so much for this enlightening chat! Do you have anything else to say before we end our session?

Stacy: I hope I’ve covered everything! Let me end it with this – being a sugar baby isn’t as straightforward and transactional as many people think. From my experience, you really try to build a connection with the other person and make the relationship work. The financial aspect is just a part of it. 

Over time, you create a deep bond with each other and want to see each other succeed in life. My current sugar daddy knows my struggles and wants me to be financially stable, so he always teaches me about investments and other business opportunities I can explore. He even gave me a large sum to invest and is there to advise and support me.

I feel loved that he cares about me and my future. And for once, I feel financially secure that even if I were to stop sugaring one day, I’d still be okay. It gives me hope that one day, I will be able to support my own lavish lifestyle without being a sugar baby. It gives me hope that being a sugar baby can set me up for success in the future. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about the nuanced art of extravagant gift-giving in sugar relationships from Stacy, our fabulous sugar baby! Many people think that the feelings in sugar relationships are superficial, but from what we learned today, it is way deeper than that. 

From luxury fashion pieces to high-end cosmetics, exotic getaways, fancy cars, and exclusive parties, these gifts transcend materialism; they are poignant expressions with deep-rooted sentiments. Through these thoughtful and lavish gestures, sugar daddies convey their genuine care and appreciation for their cherished sugar babies.

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