In the world of sugar dating, make-up has two roles. For one, it is a form of self-expression, allowing one to showcase their individual style and creativity while giving a boost of confidence. 

At the same time, make-up can also be viewed as a strategic tool to curate an appearance that aligns with the expectations or preferences set within the dynamics of a sugar relationship. 

Whether it’s about embracing personal identity or meeting certain beauty standards, the role of make-up in a sugar baby’s life extends beyond mere aesthetics. We ask Sarah, a stylish and seasoned sugar baby, to guide us through the essentials – from building a flawless base to tips on achieving a sculpted look that will last all day. 

So, if you want to learn a thing or two about make-up, read on!

Q: Hi Sarah, thanks for being here! Your make-up looks amazing, so you’re definitely the right person to interview for this post. We’re excited to learn about your top beauty tips! Please take us through everything, from foundation to setting everything in place.

Sarah: Thanks for having me! I do make-up every day, sometimes twice a day when I have a hot date night, so I’ve learned some useful things along the way that I’m excited to share. Let’s get started!




Before applying foundation, you have to prep the face. You could use a primer, but personally, I feel that a moisturizer is enough. Let it sink into the skin for at least 5-10 minutes or longer so that the skin can absorb the moisture and smoothen out any cracks. 

Secondly, finding a foundation shade that matches your skin tone is super duper important. Tip: when shopping for foundation, test samples on your jawline to find the right match. Thirdly, there are a few ways to blend the foundation. I’m a low-coverage, natural girlie myself, and I’ve found that using a damp make-up sponge works best to achieve this look. If I want fuller coverage, I’ll use a foundation brush. Remember to always blend in a downward motion to avoid creases. Lastly, use a translucent powder to set the foundation in place. 

I’ve gone through many bottles of foundations, but some brands that have stuck with me are Shiseido and NARS. Their formulas are top-notch and highly buildable; I can achieve various levels of coverage with just one product. 




I like to keep it simple for my everyday make-up look when it comes to eyeshadow. I use a warm, neutral tone in the crease to give the eyes more dimension. For special occasions, I do switch it up depending on the occasion, such as using bolder colors and glitter or sparkles to highlight the lids. Therefore, I have two eyeshadow palettes on hand, one with neutral tones and another with bolder and sparklier colors. 

Oh, and one thing I can’t leave the house without is a winged eyeliner! It takes some time and a lot of make-up remover to master, but here are some tips: 

  • Practice with a pencil liner before going in with a gel or ink liner, as they’re more forgiving
  • Use a damp Q-tip to easily clean up messes
  • Start with small strokes and use tape as a guide
  • Experiment with different liner applications to find the one you’re most comfortable with



A hot red lip can instantly elevate your look if you only have 5 minutes to do your make-up. But! Always consider your outfit, skin undertone, and occasion when picking a color and hue. A glossy nude lip is perfect for every day, while bold colors add drama and attract attention. 

For a fuller, sexier, and more defined pout, use a lip liner that’s similar in shade to your lipstick to outline the lips. Fill them in slightly for more depth before applying lipstick on top to make them stay put.




Blushes, bronzers, and highlighters are a must for sculpting the face. If your goal is to achieve more definition, opt for a neutral, matte bronzer and apply it in the shape of a “3” on both sides of the face. Be sure to cover the forehead, under the cheekbones, and jawline. If you want a more sun-kissed glow, opt for a warmer bronzer with some glitter. 

As for the blush, soft pinks look good on fair skin, while medium tones complement peachy hues. For deeper skin tones, go for bold corals or berries. Once the face is adequately bronzed and blushed, I love adding highlighter on the high points of my cheeks for an even more sculpted, glowy look. 



Never ever skip setting spray – especially if you want your make-up to last a long time. The MAC PREP+ PRIME FIX+ spray has always been my go-to, but L’Oreal and Maybelline have great low-cost options, too. Setting spray is essential because it not only sets everything in place but also helps blend everything together seamlessly.

Tip: Make sure to fix any mistakes or harsh lines before spritzing it on, as it’ll be harder to correct once it dries down. To keep my make-up looking fresh all day, I always carry blotting papers, a refreshing mist, and a compact powder for quick touch-ups. 


budget saving make up

Q: Thanks for the walk-through! We’ve learned some new tips. Sarah, do you have any tips for make-up on a budget?

Sarah: It’s my pleasure, I had fun! Oh yes, I wasn’t able to afford designer make-up until about 6 months into sugaring, so prior to that, I was a budget-beauty girl. Luckily, there are a ton of affordable brands and dupes that’ll help you achieve the same effect with only a fraction of the price. Check out brands like Wet n Wild, e.l.f, essence, and NYX. There are also plenty of YouTube videos you can find on affordable make-up products.

If you’re building your make-up arsenal from scratch, start with essentials like foundation, mascara, lipstick, and a neutral eyeshadow palette. From here, you can build a simple look and slowly add more items like a contour palette. 

Q: Thanks a lot! Do you have anything else to share before we end our interview?

Sarah: I’ll end with this – The basics of make-up are really about embracing your beauty and accentuating what you already have – it’s not about trying to look like someone else. While make-up tutorials are a great source of inspiration, always experiment with your skin tone and features to see if the tips work for you. 

Once you master the basics, the next step is adapting your make-up to different settings and occasions. For instance, opting for subtler tones in professional environments while daringly experimenting with bolder looks for special occasions. 

To recap, we’ve learned that achieving make-up perfection starts with a flawless base, and choosing the right foundation shade is essential. When it comes to eyeshadow, neutral tones are ideal for daytime looks but don’t be afraid to go bold and sparkle for special occasions. If you’re running late and need to get out the door in a flash, putting on lipstick can already help to elevate your look. For a sculpted face, apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter in the right places and blend until everything looks seamless. Lastly, do some final checks under bright light before sealing the deal with setting spray. 

Remember that you don’t need to break the bank to experiment with make-up. If you’re just starting out, try out affordable brands like NYX and Maybelline to build your collection and prioritize essentials. With our tips above, you’ll be glam-ready in no time!

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