For those looking in from the outside, sugar dating may seem superficial. But once you talk to the people who are involved in sugar relationships, you’ll discover an interesting dynamic that might even sound better than “traditional” forms of dating. 

Beyond conventional relationship norms, sugar dating offers sugar partners an exhilarating experience that stretches beyond the ordinary. But like any relationship, there’s a continuous need to engage and create something meaningful for both partners. 

We ask Shelly, our seasoned sugar baby, to share her perspectives and ideas on keeping sugar relationships engaging and worthwhile. So, when you run out of ideas to keep sugar dating engaging, save this post for inspiration!


Q: Hi Shelly, thanks for joining us! We understand that you’ve been a sugar baby with Sugarbook for 4 years and that you have a long-time sugar daddy of 3 years. We’d love to hear more from you about your experience in the sugar bowl.


Shelly: Hello! I’m honored to be here and hopefully share some insights from my experience as a sugar baby. So I’ve had around 10-ish daddies since I started sugaring. Some of them didn’t make it past 6 months, but I’ve had at least 4 daddies that I was seeing for over a year. The longest daddy I’ve been with is 3 years, and I still see him to this day. In fact, he dropped me off for this interview!


Q: Wow, that’s quite a long time! Can you share with us some ways that you keep the relationship engaging while making it worthwhile for yourself?



sugar daddy & sugar baby SHARED PASSIONS

Shelly: With this long-term daddy, it was quite easy because we had a shared passion; we both love nature and the outdoors. We discovered this on our first date and clicked right away! 


Since then, with every new potential daddy, my first goal is to find common ground because it intensifies the connection and gives you both something to talk about that you’re comfortable with. It could be anything like sports, travel, or cryptocurrency! Common interests add depth to the conversation and subsequent relationship and can set you up for date number 2. 


sugar baby & sugar daddy DYNAMIC COMMUNICATION

Q: That’s some good advice! What else is important to keep the fire burning?

Shelly: I only got better at this after some time, but being able to communicate effectively is so important. You’ll create a genuine, deep bond with your partner once you learn to express yourself and communicate your wants and needs while fostering honesty and openness. 

All that passive-aggressive nonsense doesn’t have a place in sugar dating. Don’t make the mistake of treating sugar dating like conventional dating, where you hide your true feelings. If you’re unhappy or comfortable with something, use your voice and communicate it. Non-verbal cues, positive enforcement, and voicing clear boundaries help create a healthy and trusting relationship.


sugar baby & sugar daddy JET-SET ADVENTURES

Another thing that sets sugar dating apart is that money is never an issue, and you can inject vivaciousness by going on amazing adventures! For example, my long-time daddy and I love the outdoors, so he takes me to unique destinations where we stay at a nice accommodation and spend time basking in nature (and each other). 

This shared experience means a lot since we’re experiencing it together; it brings us closer each time. There’s also a need to make decisions together, which further enhances our connection.



sugar daddy & sugar baby INTELLECTUAL SPARKS

Deep and meaningful conversations can establish a foundation that goes beyond the surface. You know how you can talk with your best friend for hours and feel closer to each other at the end of it? It’s the same thing. Go back to the first point and try to find common ground. The conversation will flow better if you know what you’re talking about. 

But even if you don’t have anything to say, being an active listener and engaging with what the other person is saying is good enough to create a bond. I didn’t have much to say during my first few sugar dates, but my dates were really interesting, so I was naturally hooked and engaged in the conversation. 


sugar baby & sugar daddy GOALS AND MUTUAL EMPOWERMENT

When you like someone, you naturally want them to succeed in life. So, another way to create a strong foundation for your sugar relationship is by setting and conquering goals together. Doing this not only strengthens the bond but also creates a support system for each other.

Regularly communicate progress, celebrate achievements, and adjust goals as needed, ensuring that this shared journey becomes a place for mutual encouragement, personal development, and a more fulfilling relationship. 


Everyone loves a good surprise, but make sure it’s something that your sugar partner would like. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; small, unexpected treats can have a significant effect, too. 

For instance, if your partner has been feeling down or it’s been a crazy week at work, surprise them with a spa date or anything you can think of to help ease their mind. They’ll appreciate the time off, plus you get to spend time with each other! This not only adds an element of excitement to the relationship but also shows your attentiveness to your partner’s well-being, preferences, and desires. 



Whether cooking together at home or going on food adventures, sharing meals can create a sense of intimacy, comfort, and shared enjoyment. Breaking bread together adds a flavorful dimension to the relationship, enhancing the overall depth of your bond. 

I can’t cook, but my sugar daddy is an excellent chef. Now and then, he likes to whip up a nice dinner for us at home. While I can’t do much in the kitchen, I enjoy going with him to get groceries. It’s like a fun activity for us to do. As he prepares our meal, I’m usually also in the kitchen to accompany him. I find it special as it’s a chance for us to converse. 


Q: Wow, that’s a lot of useful advice! Do you have anything else to share before we end our interview?



Shelly: I hope my insights are sufficient! Let me leave with this piece of advice – remember that engaging in one deep conversation beats having many superficial meetings. In other words, you should always prioritize having meaningful experiences and focused interactions over sheer quantity. 

Focusing on quality time allows you both to appreciate and cherish the moments you spend together fully. By paying attention to the depth and significance of your interactions, you create a more profound and enduring connection.

Forget what you might assume about the superficiality of sugar dating. From what we’ve learned in this session, sugar dating has many layers. Like any other relationship, you need to put in the work to keep the relationship engaging. 

Shelly, our experienced sugar baby, shares some of her ideas:

  • Finding common interests or shared passions.
  • Going on spontaneous adventures.
  • Having shared goals.
  • Cooking and eating together.
  • Engaging in deep conversations can help your relationship flourish. 

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