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Sugar dating is an honest and beneficial arrangement between two individuals: a financially established and mature sugar daddy or sugar mommy engaging in a relationship with a sugar baby.

Sugar babies receive all kinds of allowance and gifts in exchange for their companionship.

People tend to draw their own conclusions and judgments about sugar dating. But in actuality, many of these perceptions are simply misconceptions and myths – which we’re here to debunk once and for all! 

This post aims to debunk the 10 common myths surrounding sugar dating so you can be equipped with all the right facts:

1. Sugar dating is prostitution.

Sugar dating is prostitution.

Let’s unpack this commonly heard myth – sugar dating is NOT prostitution. There are many types of sugar relationships. Most relationships center around companionship first and foremost, but sexual favors aren’t off the table. 

“Ultimately, it is what you and your sugar daddy decide before being “official.” Unlike a prostitute, you have a say on whether you want to put out or not. If you meet someone who can’t agree to your terms, move on until you find someone who is looking for the same type of arrangement.” 

2. Sugar babies are gold diggers.

sugar dating relationship

In a sugar relationship, the sugar daddy is highly aware of their obligation to compensate his sugar baby for their time, and this is even discussed from the get-go.

A gold digger won’t be upfront about being in a relationship for the money and would scheme and lie to squeeze as much money out of their target as possible. 

In contrast, a sugar baby is a goal digger that views their sugar daddy as someone they genuinely want to get close to so that they can accomplish their professional and personal goals together. 

3. Sugar daddies/mommas are old and unattractive.

young sugur daddy

Thanks to the boom of social media and the internet, even young people can be millionaires these days. As a result, it’s not uncommon for young entrepreneurs to turn to sugar dating as their hectic schedules make it impossible to commit to a full-time relationship. They’re also usually more open to this “unconventional” relationship type.

We’re not saying there aren’t older people in the sugar bowl, but there is an exciting mix of sugars to choose from!

4. Sugar dating is only for young women.

“When we think of a sugar baby, the thought of a young woman appears. Nevertheless, this is a myth as the demographics of sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies tend to be diverse since, after all, not everyone has the same tastes.” 

Sugar babies can be of any age; nowadays, male sugar babies are becoming extremely common too.

5. Sugar dating is illegal.


Since sugar dating involves a mutually consenting adult couple, it is not against the law. So as long as things like prostitution and scamming are avoided, there shouldn’t be any problems. 

“The foundation of any healthy sugar relationship is mutual respect where both parties have the freedom to express their desires, boundaries, and expectations which can range from simple companionship to emotional support, professional connections, and financial security.”

6. Sugar dating is unsafe.

sugar dating is safe

Sugar dating is as safe as dating. In fact, most sugar daddies are respective and protective of their sugar babies. As long as you are under their care, they won’t hesitate to protect you.

Sugar daddies often become their sugar baby’s confidant, where they can vent about work or life in general. If you are experiencing any problems, they will always be there for guidance or to lend a helping hand. 


7. Sugar dating is emotionally empty.

Sugar dating is emotionally

At the end of the day, sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies are humans with genuine feelings. After meeting up a few times and establishing a relationship, it’s common for partners to have feelings for each other.

Whether platonic or romantic, sugar partners tend to care deeply for each other, so the notion that sugar dating is emotionally empty is a myth!

8. Sugar dating is a waste of time.

sugar dating in malaysia

Compared to getting a part-time job at a cafe, sugar dating can open doors to many opportunities that can help fast-track your career. In addition, sugar babies often turn to their experienced counterparts for mentorship and guidance, which you won’t get anywhere else.

On top of earning a good allowance, you’ll have the opportunity to peek into the lives of successful sugar daddies/mommas and learn a thing or two from their experience. So even if you decide to stop being a sugar baby one day, you’ll have the necessary skills and know-how to achieve in life. 


9. Sugar dating is for losers.

confident in sugar dating

On the contrary, sugar dating is for those who are confident in their desires and aren’t afraid to pursue them despite social stigma. It requires a lot of guts, and losers typically can’t even afford a sugar baby. 

Far from losers, sugar dating attracts busy professionals who don’t have the time to pursue a “full-time” relationship. They’re typically made up of successful individuals who come from an elite crowd such as entrepreneurs, businessmen/women, lawyers, celebrities, etc. 


10. Sugar dating is immoral.

If you think about it, sugar dating is not so different from the concept of dowries. Gifts and money are a traditional part of a wedding or marriage for various cultures in the region. 

Although sugar dating isn’t about marriage, sugar partners enter a genuine partnership. In fact, it’s also not uncommon for partners in “traditional” relationships to practice giving an allowance or expensive gifts to their partners. 

At the end of the day, people just love to talk about other people, whether it concerns them or not. Unfortunately, this is the kind of society we live in that makes sugaring a little trickier than it needs to be. This is why being a part of the sugar bowl is also about standing firm on what you want to achieve out of the experience so that you have the will to ignore all the background chatter. 

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