It has come to our attention that there are users using the platform in a fraudulent manner by being dishonest and deceitful to our members in a number of cases.

To address this, our Customer Support team has been working diligently to filter out users breaking our Terms of Service. We would like to reassure you that such accounts are always monitored, and permanently banned.

As Sugarbook grows past the 4.5 million members mark, we look forward to cooperating with all our members by eradicating the scammers and to strengthen our sugar community.

Here are a few tips on how to recognize and prevent scammers from affecting your experience at Sugarbook.

how to avoid scammer at sugarbook

Here’s how to avoid the most common scams 

One of the most common scams are requests for small amounts of money before meeting (e.g., USD20/RM100 as a ‘trust’ payment). Trust payment requests are usually done through Telegram, where scams are harder to monitor. Although the amount might seem minimal, scammers typically ask for money from multiple people, which can add up significantly.

I.e. USD100 x 10 = USD1,000.

This tactic is also used to offer the sending of images and videos.

Here are some practical tips to help you recognize and prevent scammers from negatively impacting your Sugarbook experience:


Never Send Money In Advance

Never Send Money In Advance

Genuine Sugar Babies will never ask for money prior to a meetup, as they understand the importance of building trust before a personal meeting. Scammers often try to exploit the emotional dynamics of the relationship by requesting advance payments. By adhering to a policy of no money exchanges before meeting, you can protect yourself from being victimized by such scams.


Always Verify Social Media Handles

Check social media profiles (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) to verify identities. This can provide you with a clearer picture of their lifestyle and authenticity. Platforms like LinkedIn can show you their professional background, whereas Instagram and Facebook may offer insights into their personal life and consistency of the information they’ve shared with you.


Introductory Video Call

Introductory Video Call 

Request for a short introductory video call before meeting to establish trust. This not only helps in verifying the identity of the person but also allows you to gauge their intentions and see if there’s a genuine connection. A video call can significantly reduce the risk of being misled by false profile photos or outdated information.


What Sugarbook Is Doing For You 

Sugarbook is set to release User Verification security measures for our members. Stay tuned, as this important update is a crucial step in safeguarding against those who might use fake identities.

We urge all our members to be vigilant while sugar dating and to contact us should you come across a potential scammer. You may utilise the “Report” button or contact us via [email protected] or let us know through our social media channels @sugarbook_global

Learn more about spotting fake profiles in our article, read ‘Fake Dating Profiles – How Can You Tell?’.