We get it. He says ‘I love you’ countless times, but you wonder sometimes, does he really? 

It’s not easy to know whether your boyfriend truly loves you or not, but let us ease your worries for a little bit and tell you the common signs that show your boyfriend really loves you. 

Even if you’re asking questions to yourself like ‘how to know if your boyfriend loves you through text’ (especially with this pandemic where a physical meetup is limited) we’ve got it covered in this article, honey! 

Here are the top 20 signs that your boyfriend loves you:

1) Your happiness is more important than his

Honey, he’s in love with you when he goes out of his way just to make you happy! It doesn’t matter whether it affects him negatively, as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters to him.

You wouldn’t have to scratch your brain on the signs that your boyfriend loves you when he puts your happiness above his own. 


2) He’s always there for you through thick and thin

No matter what, he’ll always be there for you through the good and bad times. He wouldn’t run away when things get sour or when you’re having problems in your life. 

Instead, he’ll take your hand and help you go through it together. 


3) He puts his all into the relationship 

Because he’s in it for the long run, honey. You know he loves you when he dedicates his time and puts in 100% effort into the relationship. 

He knows you’re worth it, so he’ll give his all into the relationship. 


4) He doesn’t initiate a breakup so easily 

No matter how many brutal fights you both had, he wouldn’t be the first to break up. Why? Because he loves you, silly! 

If he doesn’t take you or the relationship seriously, he’ll dump you without hesitation after any heated argument. 


5) You’ll always be a priority 

When you call him up after a friend bails on you, rest assured, he’d be flying all the way to where you are just to be with you. 

While he’s busy playing games or out with his bros, a quick call and he’ll appear right in front of your eyes because you’re his #1 priority. 


6) He notices the little things about you 

Even if you mentioned something that you’ve been eyeing to get, like a handbag from Coach, a few weeks later it’ll suddenly appear on your doorstep, thanks to your boo. 

You probably even forgot that you’ve mentioned to him, it may even be one time, but if he truly loves you, he’d never forget it! 


7) He’s always showering you with gifts and compliments

Regular compliments are one of the most common ways to know if your boyfriend loves you through text. That includes flirty texts too! 

Your beau would surprise you with little gifts here and there because he knows you’ll be happy when you receive them. After all, seeing you smile could make his heart do cartwheels on its own. 

That’s simply because he loves you! Hence, naturally, he would want to shower you with endless gifts and compliments even where there’s no special occasion. 


8) He motivates and supports you 

A man who truly loves you would always be supportive of your goals. He’ll be there for you as you chase your dreams. 

For times when you’re demotivated, he’ll be there cheering you on because when a man loves you, it makes him happy to know you’re achieving milestones. 

When you really wonder how to know if your boyfriend loves you or not, you can see from how he views your goals and achievements. He’ll be your own personal cheerleader if he’s truly in love with you! 


9) He talks about you to his friends and family

When you’re looking for signs that your boyfriend loves you, one of them would be if he talks to his loved ones about you. 

Let’s be real – if he doesn’t love you, there’s really no point in telling everyone in his life about you, isn’t there? 

Heck, he even brags and boasts about you until they might just fall in love with you too! 


10) He gets jealous sometimes 

Too much jealousy in a relationship isn’t normal, but if it’s subtle enough, it’s a good sign that your boyfriend loves you. 

It’s because he’s scared to lose you to some other dude in your life. Hence, he may not be okay with you starting a conversation with a random guy. That’s okay, though! 

As long as he doesn’t do anything drastic about it. Besides, it’s kinda cute sometimes to see your man getting jealous, right?  


11) He confides in you 

You’re like his safe haven, y’know? He finds comfort in you. He knows you wouldn’t even judge him, so he shares almost everything with you. 

And boy, we know how hard it is for a man to share his feelings, with the whole perception of how ‘men are supposed to be tough’. 

Hence, if he breaks down in front of you (bless his heart) while confiding his problems with you, he truly loves you, honey. 


12) He can’t go a day without talking to you 

Uhmm, if he CAN actually go a day without a single ounce of communication, then girl, you gotta let him go. 

Because in all seriousness, if you really love him, he can’t live without you – literally. And that means, he has to communicate with you somehow, even if it’s just a small text. 

A day without any form of communication could make him go crazy. If this sounds like your boo, it’s a clear sign that your boyfriend loves you! 


13) He respects you 

Be it your own opinions or values, a man who loves you would always respect them. You won’t get ignored for all the times you voice out your thoughts. 

He wouldn’t call you crazy or ask you to change your mindset simply because he doesn’t agree with you. 

A man that truly loves you would respect the fact that you have a mind of your own (duh). 


14) He always makes sure you’re safe 

In other words, he protects you at all costs, no matter where you are. And if you’re wondering how to know if your boyfriend loves you through text, it’s when he texts you and asks if you’ve reached home safely. Sounds familiar, ladies? 

You’ve scored a keeper when he always checks if you’re safe and sound. 


15) He always includes you in his plans 

How to know if your boyfriend loves you truly? All of his plans include you, literally. Even when he goes out with his family to vacations or simply to hang out with his bros – he’ll always ask if you’d like to tag along. 

That, ladies, is one of the major clear signs that your boyfriend loves you. 


16) He keeps to his promises

How many times have you dealt with people keeping empty promises? Yeah, we know you’re tired of that. But if your boyfriend truly loves you, he’d do his best to make sure he’s true to his word. 

That means he wouldn’t promise you one thing, and then doesn’t follow through on it. Remember how he said he’d take you to a place you’ve always wanted to go? Well, one of the signs that your boyfriend loves you is when he actually does bring you there! 


17) He makes effort in ensuring you’re feeling better

No man would try to make you feel better whenever you’re down unless he truly loves you. So, how to know if your boyfriend loves you or not? He cares about you when you’re sad, period. 

If he doesn’t love you, he could care less about how you’re feeling. Your man would do his best to make sure you’re doing okay. 


18) He talks about your future together

He talks about having a future together with you. No exceptions, he always mentions how your future wedding will be like and which countries he’d love to travel to with you. Girl, that’s a sign he loves you truly, he includes you in his future planning. 

If a guy isn’t serious about you, he wouldn’t even bother about any future plans. 


19) He’s always honest with you 

There are no secrets, lies or betrayal. He’s 100% transparent with you. Whether it is about his whereabouts or who he’s been keeping in touch with, he shares with you every single detail about his life because he cares for you. 

Honesty is important in a relationship, and when you’re on a hunt for signs that your boyfriend loves you, if he’s never lied to you before, chances are he’s head over heels for you, honey. 


20) You’ll just know he that he loves you 

When your boyfriend truly loves you, you’ll just instantly know. Why? Because his actions and how he treats you already show it, boo! 

Heck, you probably wouldn’t even doubt him, well, unless he’s done something really wrong that are red flags. 

Otherwise, if you’re wondering how to know if your boyfriend loves you or not, try to see why you are even feeling that way. Most of the time, it comes from your own self-esteem issues, not your boo. 


Hopefully, we have eased your worries when you’re wondering how to know if your boyfriend loves you or not! But if he doesn’t, hang in there love! All hope is not lost, because if he doesn’t love you, it’s time to let the relationship go and meet new people,  Sugarbook could be a good place to start.