Though sugar relationships involve a mutual agreement, the sugar bowl can be a scary world at times, as some people tend to take advantage of sugar relationships where sugar daddies (SD) do as they please just because they feel they have the upper hand in the relationship. That’s where sugar babies (SB) need to be aware of toxic sugar relationships! 

In this article, we share some insights from experienced sugar babies who have gone through the trial and error of sugar relationships. Through their experiences, you can avoid getting into the wrong sugar relationships. 

The Phantom 

The Phantom sugar daddy malaysia

You wouldn’t want to waste time with a “Phantom” sugar daddy who’s constantly making empty promises! Yes – we’re talking about the ones who promise to go over the moon for you but don’t follow through with any of those plans. 

A sugar baby shared her experience of how her SD kept promising to get her items and dates, but he never actually took action to follow through. Some of his false promises would be paying for her nails or a gym membership. Those are all lies, as he never made them happen! 

“Not to mention the salt daddies who promised to pay you but come up with many excuses as to why they can’t provide you with money.” 

this sugar baby’s experience as an example – she did her part by offering pictures and videos, but he only apologized for not being able to pay her for them. 

The Controller 

sugar daddy malaysia the controller

Another common sugar daddy you should definitely avoid would be the “Controller.” As the name suggests, he tries to control every aspect of your sugar relationship as well as your life! Sugar babies have no say in the agreement – the sugar daddies call the shots. 

One of the most regular tactics of a manipulative SD is when SBs try to initiate a meet-up but don’t give in to your requests. Instead, they try to control the how, when, and where and only plan meet-ups based on them, as shared by a sugar baby

If you aren’t sure whether your potential SD is a red flag, some signs of manipulation to look out for would be when they set boundaries you aren’t comfortable with. Besides that, they would ensure you can’t reject them, so you must comply with their wishes and desires no matter what. 

The Taker, Not Giver

sugar daddy malaysia

We can see this unfair dynamic even in relationships where one party gives more than the other. In sugar relationships, both parties should provide and take equally – but there are some cases where the sugar daddies take more. 

A great example shared by this sugar baby is when both parties agreed to a certain set of terms, but later on down the road, the SD asked to tweak them a little, but to his advantage. 

Not only that, but even during intimate times, the SB only allowed intimate sessions with condoms, but the SD didn’t wear one without letting her know. He’s taking advantage for sure by going against her wishes!

The Avoider

malaysia sugar daddy

It’s common to see sugar daddies who fear commitment and avoid discussing the subject. They will not discuss the terms of your sugar relationships with you and, instead, just want some temporary, short-term fun.

Some of the signs to look out for are when they only ask if you’re free to meet there and then without taking into account your availability, or they rarely treat you like a sugar baby – but instead like a hooker. If they only wish to get intimate and then leave, they might well hire a prostitute instead of engaging with a sugar baby. 

The Fake Mentor

fake sugar daddy mentor

Some sugar babies will want a mentor to guide them through adulthood. Most sugar daddies make great mentors, but some pretend to be great mentors. 

“They tend to put on a fake persona of how they have many years of experience and will give thoughtful advice to sugar babies. However, they only do so for personal gain.” 

To know who are the ones that are genuine when offering mentorship, try to take a look at
his age as well as his occupation. Those who have a well-established job would have plenty of advice to share. Besides that, sugar daddies who have achieved many great things in life will also provide proper mentorship. 

The Emotionally Distant

emotional malaysia sugar daddy

Some sugar daddies seek sugar relationships for emotional connection on top of the benefits. If the sugar daddy doesn’t want any form of emotional connection, then they should engage with a hooker rather than a sugar baby. 

To differentiate the sugar daddies who are emotionally available, watch how they converse with you. If they fail to comfort you when you need their support, it’s a clear sign he can’t offer the emotional connection you desire. 

The Boundary Ignorer 

If boundaries are crossed, we know that’s a huge red flag in any relationship. There are sugar daddies who don’t respect the boundaries set by sugar babies. They ignore them and cross the boundaries without caring about the consequences. 

For instance, if you, as a sugar baby, mentioned how you don’t want to have sex as part of the agreement terms, then if he ignores it and forces you, that’s a clear sign he isn’t respecting your boundaries. Another great example would be when sugar daddies tend to have abnormal kinks, and if he forces you to do them by offering a bigger allowance even though you’re not fine with it, that’s a red flag, too. 

All in all, as a sugar baby, you should always put yourself first and protect yourselves at all costs. With these red flags, you can avoid getting involved with the wrong sugar daddy and form meaningful sugar relationships! Besides, you can always prioritize your own needs and wants. 

We all deserve to have an excellent sugar experience – and to achieve that, we must take the proper precautions and be more assertive. 

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