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How To Spot A Scam In Sugar Dating: Red Flags To Look Out For

Sugar dating is pretty common these days – with more and more people wanting a relationship without any commitment or responsibilities. 

Whether you’re a sugar baby or daddy/mummy, you’ll always be at risk of getting scammed. To be on the safe side, you’ll need to be familiar with the ways to spot potential scams. 

Sugar dating & scamming

Just like every other relationship, there are potential sugar relationship scams too. 

Many people tend to take advantage of sugar relationships because they involve money. 

However, you can avoid getting into these horrible scams if you watch out for these red flags!

sugar dating scam alert


1. Asking for money upfront

Though money is considered normal as part of a sugar relationship, you should be wary if they start requesting money upfront before even beginning your relationship. 

If they start holding a pity party for themselves with various reasons as to why they need money, it could be a scam as they can run away with the money.

2. Refuse to meet

sugar dating scam alert

Whenever you bring up the topic of a meeting in person, they dodge the question or quickly change the topic. It’s a huge red flag if they come up with so many excuses as to why they can’t meet you in real life. 

“If you notice your sugar partner isn’t willing to meet in person, you should not pursue it further as it could be a potential scam.”

3. Fake or vague profile

Fake or vague profile

Does any of the information on their profile seem too good to be true? Perhaps they mentioned something about them, but they don’t clarify or include any proof to back it up. Other than stating too much information, there are some who don’t mention anything at all. 

Too little information means they don’t want to reveal too much about themselves – which is a huge red flag because they could be hiding their real identity. 

4. Too eager

Is your potential sugar partner rushing things? 

Hold your horses – you shouldn’t be rushing when it comes to getting into a sugar relationship! Take your time to get to know them before starting a sugar relationship. 

“Scammers are always rushing to get your money ASAP and leave before you catch them.”

 If you feel like you can’t trust them, you should get your head out of the door immediately. 

5. Avoiding personal questions

Are they trying to avoid answering any personal questions if you’re trying to get to know them? 

Well, potential scammers will not spare time answering your questions – in fact, they will dodge these questions! 

If they aren’t willing to share some personal questions, then you should not even pursue them further. 

“A proper sugar partner will reveal a little about themselves.” 

sugar dating scam alert


6. They have sob stories

Another easy way to spot a fake? You’ll see how they try to make you believe a sad story in order to gain sympathy. 

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for them, and they’ll just take advantage of it by asking you to lower your boundaries.”

7. Too good to be true

Uhm – is your gut telling you that something is just too good to be true? 

Well, you should not ignore your gut instincts because, most of the time, you’re right. 

They may seem good at the beginning, but they’ll slowly start changing for the worse! 

8. They ask for your personal info

sugar dating scam alert

Though it’s common to ask for personal information, it’s a huge red flag if they force you to reveal something too personal, such as your house address or social security number

They might be trying to steal your identity! 

9. Refuse to use the secure payment method

Well, if they are trying to make transactions without using a proper, secure payment method – it’s a huge red flag, and you should be running out of the door already. One example is if they prefer to receive cash. 

“When it comes to sugar dating, you should always use secured payment methods.”

10. They have a history of scams

A quick search on Google shows how they are known to be scammers. Before pursuing a sugar relationship, make sure to do a proper background check on them so you can save time. 

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“One thing’s for sure, though – that Sugarbook is where you can enjoy sugar dating without being worried about getting scammed!” 

Sugarbook includes proper verification methods so that no fake sugar partners can register on the app. 

Without a doubt, sugar dating is one of the best ways to start a relationship, but it does come with a downside since there are scammers everywhere in the world. As long as you can spot a potential scam a mile away, you’re good to go! 

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